Category: Pentesting

  • Nessus

    Download URL: Install: Download package and install with command. Filename depends on your choosen version Start Nessus: Nessus Service can be started with Then take a Browser and connect to the local admin gui First startup will take some time. Compiling all the plugins, registering updating. so take your time

  • Usefull Wordlists

    For pentesting it can be usefull to have predefined wordlists which can be used for discovery (folders and stuff) or passwords. Most PenTesting Distributions already deliver many wordlists. Parrot OS has those in the /usr/share/wordlists but sometimes you want more than the default Here are some good ones as addition to the existing ones: SecLists:…

  • nmap vulnerability scan (Nmap-vulners)

    Another Vulnerability scanner for nmap Install: Clone from git to nmap scripts folder Usage: Output: an example:

  • nmap vulnerability scan (scipag_vulscan)

    Launch nmap with the vulscan script to detect vulnerabilies for ips and hosts. Vulscan checks for vulnerabilities and CVE’s with local files delivered from the repo. Don’t forget to update them from time to time Download: Update: Go to the scipag_vulscan folder and do a git pull usage: Starts a scan of the domain…

  • nmap

    nmap is a usefull tool for network scanning or discovery of open ports and vulnerabilities. can be used for scanning internal and external Networks. Man page: Project Page: Usefull options: -A: Enable OS detection, version detection, script scanning, and traceroute -sV: Version Detect. Probe open ports to determine service/version info -sC: same as…