Matrix .well-known

To be fully discoverable you have to set up the .well-known.

otherwise the federation will not work.

Test your federation settings with the tester

if not setup correctly you will see the check like this

has to be used without matrix.<your-domain>. only use <your-domain>

There are different ways to do this. depending on how you host websites.

All information found here

We will use the playbook version. which needs all domains to point to the matrix server (ex.: matrix.<your-domain> & <your-domain>)

See here for additional information about setting up only matrix or a complex website on the same server

we have no additional website and all domains point to the server.

so we only have to add the following to inventory/host_vars/

matrix_nginx_proxy_base_domain_serving_enabled: true

redeploy the config

ansible-playbook -i inventory/hosts setup.yml --tags=setup-all

restart all services

ansible-playbook -i inventory/hosts setup.yml --tags=start

afterwards it looks good.


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