Matrix statistics

Set up the statistics service for your messaging server

Additional information: here

stats.<your-domain> DNS entry has to exist

add the following to the inventory/host_vars/matrix./vars.yml file

matrix_prometheus_enabled: true

matrix_prometheus_node_exporter_enabled: true

matrix_grafana_enabled: true

matrix_grafana_anonymous_access: false

# This has no relation to your Matrix user id. It can be any username you'd like.
# Changing the username subsequently won't work.
matrix_grafana_default_admin_user: "<username>"

# Changing the password subsequently won't work.
matrix_grafana_default_admin_password: "<secret-pass>"

Now run the setup again

ansible-playbook -i inventory/hosts setup.yml --tags=setup-all

restart the services

ansible-playbook -i inventory/hosts setup.yml --tags=start

Now you should be able to login to https://stats.<your-domain>


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