How to set up Proxychains with tor

Needed Software:

  • proxychains
  • tor

Install Software

  • Arch:
pacman -S tor proxychains
  • Debian / Ubuntu:
apt install tor proxychains


Check tor status

systemctl status tor

should show something like the below. if active is shown everything is good and tor is running

configure proxychains:

#vim /etc/proxychains.conf

Remove the # from

  • dynamic_chain
  • strict_chain
  • random_chain
  • proxy_dns

add / edit at the end of file

  • socks4 > 9050
  • socks5 > 9050


Close all instances of Firefox

Start Firefox with the following command

# proxychains firefox

This will start Firefox connectiong to and you can check that your exit is in some other country. 😉 Netherlands is definitly not my country 😉


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